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Heart of the Market (HotM)


Heart of the Market is a small import company for exotic clothing and accessories headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Heart of the Market’s mission is to bring exotic goods from faraway places to those who cannot travel or those who simply would like to wear quality clothing that is not mass produced. My partner and I (Rachel & Tim) handpick products from artisans around the world.


Each one is chosen for its quality and originality—for each product there are very few items available, sometimes only one. Clients of Heart of the Market can be assured that their purchases are truly unique.


In addition to providing unique items to our clientele, we strive to support artisans across the globe and give them the means to get their work seen by people that they would never be able to reach otherwise. It allows these artisans to better support their families and gain greater recognition for the art that they create.


In an effort to further help developing communities, each year we choose an area or person that is in special need of help. We then take a percentage of our profit and donate it to a charity that would best help and support that person or community. In light of the devastating 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, 10 per cent of all yak wool product sales go directly to the Canadian Red Cross: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.


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